Monday, May 3, 2010

Come Dine, Dance, Sing, and Party with Dr. Johnson

Come dine, dance, sing, and party with Dr.Johnson!
R& B Classics, Motown, Classic Rock

 oming Gigs In May:

5/20/10 -  Gavi Restaurant, 15 Old Route 22,  Armonk, NY
5/28/10 - 9:30pm Half Moon Restaurant 1 High Street Dobbs Ferry, NY (special guest Ray Hendricks Jr.)
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Dr.Johnson is now on the world wide web! Visit us at:
See pictures, listen to music, learn more about us!

Walter Osband - Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals
Shawn Murphy - Vocals, Saxophone
Jeff Comulada - Drums, Vocals
John Garretson - Guitar, Vocals
Ric LuBell - Bass, Vocals

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