Monday, May 17, 2010

Stacy Geisinger & Kris Ruby Featured on Cover of JMAG in article "So Many Ways to Keep in touch, so many ways to be ignored"

When I met Kris Ruby at the Bellizi Blogger Salad Dinner, I never thought our conversation about how new media is impacting dating would turn into an article that would end up on the cover of JmagJmag is Jdates online magazine and Kris Ruby is a monthly columnist for JMAG.  Kris and I discussed the strong impact social media is having on dating today.  Years ago when I was dating, I would wait at home for the phone to ring, Now the phone never leaves your side.  While we are always connected, we are also always connecting.  

So many ways to keep In touch....So many ways to be ignored.  



Brannon said...

I'm not on the market anymore, but even I appreciated that article and that it was totally on-point! Well written indeed.

Dating for parents said...

You are absolutely right that there are so many ways to keep in touch and if we want to ignore some people then there are lots of ways for that also. You have created it so nicely so that people can utilize some of your ideas and like to read it.