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Kitchen Remodels-What To Expect In The Process

Kitchen Remodels - What to Expect and the Process

Susan Marocco Interior Designer

by Susan Marocco, ASID

Kitchen renovation projects can be an overwhelming experience, even for the most savvy homeowner. There are so many choices in materials and appliances - you have design, colour, brand, style, texture, product and more. It's enough to get anyone's mind spinning. Then add in the biggest factor - and one that will affect almost all your choices - COST.

If you thought your mind was spinning before with all the choices, try adding a price factor to almost every choice you will make. NO matter your budget and dreams, you will find yourself having to weigh out all options including style, design and cost to almost every one of your choices.

As an Interior Designer who has been through this process many times, I wanted to share with you the overall process. If you are considering a Kitchen remodel these pointers will help you know what to expect in the process and how to make all the choices that will be put before you in creating your Dream Kitchen!

What does it Cost?

On average, a complete renovation of a kitchen will cost approximately 8-10% of your home’s value. If your home's value is $1 million dollars, a kitchen remodel will probably cost about $80,000 to $100,000. You should always plan for overages in your budget in order to get from start to finish without breaking the bank. Be prepared for the unexpected. Every remodel project always has at least one unexpected issue come into play.

What are the Choices?

A Kitchen Remodel involves 5 major areas; Cabinetry, Counter top, Appliances, Flooring, Lighting and then the parts that affect everything - Timing and Labor. We will look at what factors you need to consider when making decisions for each of these areas, starting with timing and labor – two critical elements that affect all areas of your remodel project

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Kitchen Remodel - before and after "]Kitchen remodel[/caption]


All products have different lead and construction times. It is very important to communicate your timing constraints to your designer when you first consider the project so the timing can be factored into the overall selection decision making.

For instance, semi custom cabinetry have a 6-8 week lead time, while custom lines can run anywhere from 10-12 weeks. The time of year can also impact the lead times. Late spring and summer are key kitchen renovation times so expect delays and longer wait time for products to arrive.

Anything custom in your choices will most likely take more time to be delivered and you need to be aware what the timing will be when making choices.

Critical to the success of your project is not to have the contractor start the project until all elements are on hand. This will ensure no unforeseen delays due to a delay in shipment. If you follow this rule, expect your project to start and be completed in 8 weeks from demolition to your first cooked meal.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Kitchen Remodel - before and after"]Kitchen Remodel project[/caption]


Labor is a big ticket item and on average the cost will come in at around 30% of your project budget. This would include the demolition of your existing kitchen, the prep work, new sheetrock for the walls, installation of cabinetry, electrical and plumbing.

Now that you know what to expect with timing and labor you are ready to start making decisions on the myriad of choices you will have in each of the areas of your design project.

Next time we will discuss what to expect when deciding on the 5 major areas of your Kitchen Remodel Project - Cabinetry, Counter top, Appliances, Flooring, and Lighting.

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Debbie said...

Great article. Yes, kitchen remodels always seem to cost more and take longer than expected - both in the decision-making process as well as construction.

As we design & install floors, we are involved in many remodels. We tend to just be a small part of the process.

I love seeing the before and afters in my customers' homes. It's so much fun.