Tuesday, June 1, 2010

5 Green Gadgets for an Eco-Friendly Father's D

Father's Day, which is coming on June 20th, is a good excuse to focus on your dad. It's a chance to let him know that you think about him and want to make him happy. Ties and cologne are fine for stuffing in a drawer and forgetting about, but gadgets are fun and green gadgets are even better. Whether your father is the type who turns off lights before you have finished combing your hair and coasts the last three blocks home or the type who doesn?t have a clue how to recycle, green gadgets are the perfect gift. They will either make him proud of you for thinking of it or they will educate him on the subject.

No one likes to get up from the couch to change the batteries in the TV remote. He finally got to relax, his favourite show is about to start and the remote batteries are dead. The Powerplus Leopard solar powered Universal TV remote control is to the rescue. This universal remote uses the latest solar technology and can be charged inside with artificial light. Direct sunlight is not needed. It is programmed by selecting the TV model corresponding with a number on the remote. In a few seconds it's ready. No more batteries on the shopping list. Sustainable energy is the future and this is a little bit of the future for you dad.

If your dad is on the go and not relaxing in front of the TV a Solar Powered Electric Shaver is the answer to your Father's Day gift dilemma. This razor is thin and small for easy carrying. It has an integrated solar panel that charges in direct sunlight. It can be used anywhere, in a hotel, car, taxi, walking from the car to the office for a clean shave with no hassle. There are no wires or worries about different types of plugs or electricity wherever your dad goes.

If your dad is serious about cutting expenses especially electricity usage, the Black & Decker EM100B energy Saver Series Power Monitor will delight him no end. It tracks energy consumption real time minute by minute and displays the energy use in kilowatts and dollars. He may think he has gotten the electricity usage in your home as low as possible by turning off lights and washing dishes by hand, but this green gadget will show exactly when and where power is being wasted so those areas can be modified to reduce consumption and save money. It has a wireless system so it is easy to use and install. Maybe when he realizes where the real problems are he will let you leave your light on a little longer.

If your energy conscious dad gets his hands on this green gadget you won't have to wonder who is sneaking around your house at night. A Thermal Leak Detector can let him spot where the heat is leaking from your warm home. It?s a hand held device that emits a light. Just shine the light on the wall and set the reference temperature. As he moves the light around the house the temperature will change (he has to adjust it to 1, 5 or 10 degrees) and the light will change to red or blue indicating a hot or cold spot. He will get a booklet with it that shows easy ways to insulate and seal leaks in the home. This can reduce the heating bill by 20%. Dad will like that. Also, for his convenience the LCD screen displays the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Dad may like an extra light in the garden, garage or over the front door but doesn't want another light bulb draining away the electricity. The Solar Powered Courtesy Light is the answer to his prayers. It is a bright LED light, like a standard 60 watt bulb that uses a solar battery. That means no wires, batteries or electricity. It lights an 8 metre distance with a 100 degree angle. When it detects motion it turns on for 60 seconds. There is an easy to install bracket where the light fits and can be locked in. It even works in the shade if it is put in direct sunlight once a week.

A green gadget sends a good message to your dad. They are eco-friendly, useful and each one will ultimately save him money. He'll love you for it, but of course, he loves you anyway!

This is a guest article by Dan Harrison who reviews useful and interesting eco gadgets (and not just for Dads), such as the NIX X10A Energy Saving Digital Photo Frame and the Solar Powered Glowing Plant Pot.

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