Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exciting News From D'Errico

Nicola Briggs, a young woman who  has been described as a "folk hero" for the way she dealt with a sexual predator is going to be getting two awards at the celebration--from Professional Women of Westchester and from D'Errico itself. And everyone's invited to attend!

Briggs was accosted by a sexual predator on a New York subway train, confronted him and then enrolled her fellow passengers in ensuring his arrest and conviction.

Richard D'Errico, co-founder of the two-outlet operation, was so impressed by how Briggs dealt with her situation and its aftermath that he is honoring her the best way he knows how—with a white gold and diamond peace sign Richard designed and manufactured the necklace at the store he co-founded with his brother 25 years ago. The presentation will take place at D'Errico's 25th Anniversary celebration on Thursday, Dec. 16th at 6:15 pm at their 509 Central Avenue log cabin store.

YouTube video of Briggs dealing with her assaulter has gotten close to 1 million views,but the message she conveyed when approached by the media after the video was released was what really impressed D'Errico and others.

No one should feel ashamed when they are targeted by a sexual predator. The experience of shame needs to be placed squarely on the shoulders of the perpetrator, where it belongs,” Ms. Briggs says.

Professional Women of Westchester will be at the event and will present Ms. Briggs with their first “Shero” award, including an honorary lifetime membership and a framed certificate that will be wrapped in a pink bow. Ms. Briggs is a skilled professional herself. She teaches tai chi and the martial arts at The Tai Chi School in Bronxville, NY. She has said that her martial arts skills and the years she has spent in polishing them are one of the reasons she had the confidence to confront and deal with her attacker.

She also makes the point that strength, focus and jewelry are a great mix. “This beautiful peace sign is truly is a striking and significant gift. I would be honored to wear it, particularly because D'Errico Jewelry recognized that my actions on that day were motivated by a vital need to correct an imbalance of energies. No peace, no harmony, can exist while we as a society are allowed to trespass over each other's personal boundaries.”

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