Sunday, December 19, 2010

On The Hunt For Leopard Shoes

Lets just say I have an important occasion coming up and I need a pair of leopard shoes to complete the outfit. 
I started at Bergdorf Goodman but the shoe was too heavy.
I tried Marshall’s but there was nothing .
My friend Holly sent these  Leopard Shoes From
Yaneli leopard wedgeI tweeted about it .  I heard back from christain louboutin leopard sling back who suggest a fabulous pair of Christain Loboutins which I am in love with but are currently unavailable and @TheSaleRack sent me to look at a wedge that isn’t available until January .
Today i tweeted that i was on the hunt for a leopard pumps.  The is the response i got from  TomLarsen/TrustTomtomlarsen TomLarsen/TrustTom
@stacyknows all stripper's have leopard pumps, I would check with them :)
I asked him for his strippers number but I still haven’t gotten a reply.

@TheStyleFront who I have with many times sent me here.

 This morning I consulted my friend Peri, who seems to be an expert at Ebay.  I kind of like these.  The are very affordable and not to high.  Are sexy shoes still sexy if you cant walk in them?bcbgeneration leopard
leopard clog Then this morning I went on and I ended up buying a leopard clog.   It won’t work for the event but they were so cute I had to have them

So If you want to checkout their site I can save you $10.
Save on shoes, accessories, handbags and apparel at We've got something for everyone and for a limited time, you can save $10 on that special something. Valid on purchase of $50 or more.
I think I will take a ride to Nordstrom’s and go see what they have.  Wish me luck.


Silke said...

It's definitely not sexy if you can't walk in your sexy shoes. Good luck finding the perfect pair of Leopard pumps.

Blogger said...

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