Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pop Into Pelham But Don't make A U-Turn

I got excited about going to Bistro Rollin in the charming village of Pelham when I entered  their giveaway contest.  The only problem is Pelham is a little bit of a drive from my house.  To say I am an anxious driver would be an understatement. I truly never speed.  I am rarely even in the left lane. But if you live in Westchester, NY there is just no way around it.  So I grabbed a girlfriend and drove to Pelham, anticipated good food and an adventure.  Needless to say I got both.

I entered the info into my trusty GPS and we were off.   All was going well as we rambled down  5th Avenue.  I love 5th Avenue, although you won't find Bendel's or Bergdorfs on this one.  This Fifth Avenue is typical of a great small town, dotted with unique boutiques, restaurants and nail boutiques.  As, I mentioned I am not the most confident of drivers,  I am directionally  challenged and my parallel parking skills less than to be desired.  I   passed the ideal spot where I could just pull in and I spotted what looks like a parking lot.  I  engaged the left turn signal, only to find a chain across the lot and flashing lights behind me.  I think, what a cute town the police are trying to help me park.  Needless to say I was given a ticket for an illegal U-turn.  Oh well, whaddyagonnado. These things happen.

I get out of my car and the cutest boutique The Powderoom is calling my name.  Needless to say, I popped in and rewarded myself with a few things, the prices and selection were amazing and the owner Tanya Scott charming.

Now to Bistro Rollin.  What a cute neighborhood place! It's screams Pelham, relaxed and grownup restaurant that treats the food and its customers in an serious way, with and atmosphere that's relaxed and seems to want to welcome you back again and again. I started with the French Onion Soup , it did not disappoint.  In fact , I picked off every bit of cheese of the crock.  My girlfriend, and partner in crime had the gawgous beet salad and of course I just had to have a bite.  Then we had Moules and Frites an all time favorite , Salmon because I'm dieting , and berries, bread pudding followed by cappucino for dessert.

The service was more than attentive, which I love  .  Bistro Rollin goes  out of their way to make every meal special, and it shows.

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at Pelham's Parisian Bistro, Bistro Rollin, and have the experience of a lifetime.

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