Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who’s Your Daddy

IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Kit for New York Residents, the first DNA test ever sold over-the-counter at drug stores (in New York). (Credit: Identigene)
  (Credit: Identigene)
Finding out  who’s your daddy in New York is now as simple as a trip to the drug store.
Duane Reade has started selling $29.99 DNA kits made by lab Identigene - marking the first time in New York State that the tests are available at retail outlets.
The tests will be administered at the pharmacy chain's walk-in clinics for a total cost of about $300 when lab fees and other charges are added.
Identigene says that's still far cheaper than going to a private lab.
  State law requires paternity tests in New York to be given only to buyers with authorization from a doctor or lawyer, and witnessed by "disinterested" third parties. Workers in the Duane Reade clinics will serve as witnesses.
I try to keep this blog as positive as possible, but, DNA tests in Duane Reade  or any drug store for that matter seem absolutely ridiculous.    I guess this procedure isn’t covered  by my insurance either

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