Wednesday, March 16, 2011

See The Lincoln Lawyer Starring Matthew McConaughey for $6

Raise your hand if you would like a Matthew McConaughey Groupon! I've got both my hands raised. Yum.

The deal is for $6 tickets to see "The Lincoln Lawyer," good for any showing during the first three weeks of the movie's run, at any theater served by Fandango. That's cheaper than a matinee! Heck, with that kind of savings, you'll be able to spring for a box of Goobers and then some.

It goes without saying that I was planning on seeing his new movie, The Lincoln Lawyer. Is there anything better than a legal flick starring MM? {No.}  Remember A Time to Kill, where he had on that sweaty white shirt. I do!!!

Perfect then, that one of the deals at Groupon today is $6 tickets to see The Lincoln Lawyer!

The tickets will be good at any theatre in the country that accepts Fandango tickets, and you can go anytime during the first 3 weeks of the film, including opening weekend! Each person can pick up a max of 2 tickets.

Cheap date night!  I am so there.

If you plan on seeing the Lincoln Lawyer staring Matthew McConaughey, you can pick up two tickets for $6.00 each on Groupon. The tickets are through Fandango, so they can be used anywhere in the country that accepts Fandango. This movie comes out on March 18th.

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