Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sex and the City Bag

A month ago I went into my local Plaza Too store with my girlfriend Nina. Nina has great taste. She sells clothes, jewelry, etc. At the front of the store were these colorful Beirn water snakeskin, bags well they looked like snake skin handbags. They came in 20 great colors, orange, hot pink, turquoise, lime green, you get the idea. It is called the "Jenna Bag". Should I buy one, should she buy one. We decided to wait. In the meantime I see lots of ladies carrying the bag. We went to a party our friend Robin had it green. I was still was undecided. Now 4 weeks later, I am still think about the bag. I was at the Saw Mill Club where I ran into Amy who works at Plaza Too , I inquire about "my bag". She said that bag is sold out. Two of the gals from Sex and the City carried it in the movie. Carrie has it in orange.
Amy informed me you can order the bag, but it will take weeks to get. I had to have the bag. I had to have it in pink.

I went to the store. Miraculously there was one bag waiting for me to buy it in hot pink. It costs only$298. I saw it online for $315.
You can special order the bag at Plaza too. Tell them saw it on Stacyknows.

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