Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sexy Shiny Hair

I spent the day today with my gorgeous girlfriend Gayle. Lately she had been complaining that her hair was breaking and not looking or feeling as good as it used to.
She always looks great but I understood what she was saying. Frankly, I had found the conversation boring after the tenth time I had heard it, but I love her and spend so much time with her that it is bound to happen. That being said Gayle did her research and found a solution which she did last week and I am going to try it as well. It is called Brazilian Keratin Treatment.
She had it done at the Richard Scott Salon www.richardscottsalon.com in Mt Kisco, NY. The treat is designed to cut blow dry time in half. Okay, now I am listening.
The product consist of keratin protein which coats the hair shaft allowing the hair to relax. It works best on fine to medium curly hair, preferably color treated...that includes me, yeah! It can be performed on previously straightened hair, think...Japanese, Iso, etc. The treatment last around 10 weeks . That should cover me for the summer. Got to go book my appointment. See you at the salon.


Jill Sage said...

Paulo Gregorio, who left The Richard Scott Salon, after the fire, opened his on Salon Paulo's Altelliere, located in Bedford Hills in the Shop Rite strip Mall, also does the Braxillian, Keratrin Treatment. I am sure Paulo's salon does it for a lot less then Richard Scott. I had it done by one of Paulos assistants
Lia and the cost was $300.00. (Paulo cahrges $400.00) It is an amazing process, hair feels incredibly healthy and shiny and it cuts the blow dry in 1/2! Also:
If you are a Saw Mill Club Member, show your membership card mention Jill Sage, and receive 15% off!!

Anonymous said...

Actually I know for a fact Richard Scott salon does charge less and has a variety of different Keratin Treatments. Loyal Richard Scott client