Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get to know SGH Jewelry

Susan Holmes and SGH Jewelry sghjewelry.com will be at the
Saw Mill Club www.sawmillclub.com/
in Mt Kisco on Wednesday, October 27th.
Do you know Susan Holmes? Stacyknows.

Do you know SGH Jewelry? Stacyknows.

SGH Jewelry has been featured in Westchester Magazine, as well as trade publications and one of my favorite TV shows, Desperate Housewives.

Her prices are way below retail. A great perk in today's uncertain economy.

She creates pieces from precious and semi precious stones, silver and gold.
She does quite a bit of work with pearls. A strong supply of pearls have kept the prices stable. Pearls are evolving as a fashion favorite. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a lengthy strand of pearls in the Sex and the City movie. No more for the conservative types. Carrie wore her pears with Jeans, a t-shirt, an evening dress and a teddy. Its a feast of possibilities.

***** Mention Stacyknows and take 10% off the most expensive piece you buy.

Hope to see you there 8:30 am til 3pm or by appointment

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Stacy said...

Pop Vintage will be carrying some of SGH's jewelry