Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Night at Nino's

Last night, after Fox Lane High School's football team triumphant 34-26 win over Eastchester, we (Ed, Tony, Mark, Holly, Camille and I)went over to Nino's in Bedford Hills. It's a great neighborhood place for pizza, pasta, salad and old-fashioned “continental”-style dishes, the kitchen aims to please all. It was already late so we opted to sit at the bar and have cocktails , clams casino, calamari and brick oven pizzas, and all were delicious. It seemed like old home week there as we ran into Mindy, Andy, Leslie , Scott, Randee and David. That's lots of friends for such a small place. If you are lucky enough to go when Rudy is the bartender you can get him talking about everyone who has ever been to Bedford. Just ask him, as he was the bartender at the original Nino's (not related) on Route 121 in Bedford, which is now the home of Richard Gere's new restaurant. He has been serving me martinis for over 20 years!
Rudy wasn't the bartender last night , but it was still fun. Go to Nino's for a quintessential neighborhood experience.


MiMi said...

Hi there! Sounds like a really cool place. I love martini's myself, but only the fru-fru ones. I found you through "teenagers" in our profiles. I guess we both must be raising some. Aren't they a handful?

intrepidideas said...

I agree with Mimi, it does sound great. I'm a classic Martini guy usually with olives or a twist but I do/can enjoy a Fru-fru one on occassion. I found this place in Hong Kong that makes a killer Cosmo. How do you like yours? Vodka? Gin? Just curious..