Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pooch Massoose - Dog Massager

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It’s the essential tool for pampering your pet!

Pooch Massoose™ is a myofascial release tool for dogs intended to increase the blood flow to a targeted area. When used properly, Pooch Massoose™ reduces muscle tension, releasing toxins and restoring the normal tone of your pet’s musculature.

Pooch Massoose™ was designed and developed by Chiropractor and Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner, Dr. Allan Wattenmaker, after many of his patient’s owners requested information on how to provide their dogs with relief and relaxation at home. Dr. Wattenmaker has long had a passion for treating animals, and in 2005 he earned his CVCP (Certified Veterinary Chiropractitioner) studying under a world-renowned veterinarian and creator of the Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation/Veterinary Neurologic Integration Technique.

Pooch Massoose Dog MassagerPooch Massoose Dog Massager


“I love the Pooch Massoose™ …the only bad part is my dog seems to always want me to use it longer!”
- Clifford’s mom

“The Pooch Massoose™ is great! We can use it anytime, and her tail just wags and wags!”
- Grace’s dad

“He just relaxes and rolls over like he’s begging me to keep massaging his joints.”
- Jackson’s dad

“I’ve never seen anything like it ~ it’s the perfect way to pamper my pet!”
- Tori’s mom

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Pooch Massoose Dog MassagerPooch Massoose Dog Massager

Available in three standard colors or in any PMS color for an additional fee.

*The Pooch Massoose™ is not intended to diagnose or cure your dog’s condition*

A Happy Paw Production, LLC
*patent pending design and utility in the US and Foreign

Pooch Massoose - Dog Massager

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