Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jay Wright And The Soulbucket

An emerging talent by the name of Jay Wright has recently appeared at a number of venues in the Connecticut/New York area. The multi-talented singer/songwriter has employed a plethora of influences and experiences to create a sound that is, at the very least, unique. In fact, infectious may be a more appropriate word.
Wright's debut full-length album, "The Low Down Dirty Love CD," demands its listeners' full attention as its smooth blend of soul and folk vibes initially engage the listener until his socially conscious and heartfelt lyrics take over. "Better Days" and "Change Gotta Come" remind us all to look forward to the promise of tomorrow and the belief that a more hopeful time is on the horizon.
Jay Wright's artistic vision is fueled by his experiences as well as his dreams. Those who enjoy Jack Johnson, Amos Lee, and Ben Harper will love this fresh face and invigorating style of music. Everyone should look forward to more from the eccentric and exceptionally gifted Jay Wright.
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