Friday, December 12, 2008

How To Talk To Girls

Are you looking for a gift for a man who acts like a child, Oh, that would be most of them. Is there a man you have to a get secret Santa gift for. Is your son, brother or best friend still clueless about women. I have stumbled on the expert they just might listen to. Someone all men can relate to . The guy has figured out women. He is only 9 years old. This kid Alec Greven is one to watch. The ttle of his book... How To Talk To Girls. The book has already been "picked up" by Hollywood.

So will the book actually help you talk to girls? Not really. But it makes for a good gag gift. Have a permanently single male friend? Want to creep out strangers by reading it alone at a bar? Self-help books written by 9-year-olds provide endless opportunities for awkward, uncomfortable amusement. Besides, nothing in the book is incorrect. We girls (and women) are not as elusive as we may seem. We like gifts and attention and people who make us laugh. We dislike hyperactive, clingy boys (and boys who wear sweatpants). If you want to talk to us, sometimes all it takes is a casual hello.This book has caught my attention. It is written by a 9 year old. Most men behave like nine year olds, so this kid qualifies as an expert.

Among Greven's tips: "Girls win most of the arguments and have most of the power. If you know that now, things might be easier," an uncanny perception from someone the other side of puberty.
"Usually if you get into an argument situation, you probably let the girl win," "If it's something you don't want to lose, you can keep going — but most boys it's like 'oh, who cares?' because it's not that big."
He advises against going after the prettiest girls, because they only care about their looks. He knows at the age of 9 that those girls are just to high maintenance.
"It's better to go for a regular girl, because pretty girls are a lot of work, and regular girls are not that much work," he said.

Here is a tip for my husband.
On gifts: "It is also good to give gifts. They don't have to be big. Try to find out what she likes before you give her something. You should go around to her friends to get ideas.

If you want to talk to us, sometimes all it takes is a casual hello.

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