Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Virtual Grand Opening Party

For years I have been making house parties for my friends who have businesses. They sell sweaters, exercise clothes , jewelry and other assorted chazzarei . I would serve all kinds of food and drinks. I would send out invitations and in the later years evites. It was always fun. Gathering all my friends and shopping together, and of course eating and drinking.I have recently become a friend of Cheryl. Cheryl has a Unique boutique in Pittsburgh, Pa.
Needless to say, she can't come all the way here to make a party. So I have decided to throw her a Virtual Grand Opening Party.
I am inviting everyone who reads this blog. So pass it on to your friends.
All gifts will be wrapped.
15% off during the month of December on everything on the site.
Plus Free Shipping.
A unique,chic, boutique for all women who want to have a little something that fits the girl in all of us . All women are created equal, then they accessorize!!!! Before the "O" list there was Unique, chic, boutique.......
Pour yourself a glass of wine and start shopping.

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