Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Cure For The Common Mold-Concrobium

As homeowners in our area batten down the hatches in preparation for another winter season, colds are not all they should be worried about. They should be wary of a microscopic pest they may be trapping inside:
sprayBottle mold. Summer swelter and other humidity sources can make homes breeding grounds for mold, which, if trapped indoors, can negatively affect indoor air quality and family health. The good news: I just heard about a new non-toxic, sustainable solution on the market that’s safer and more effective than bleach and water.
Concrobium Mold Control® ensures that as homeowners tightly seal up their homes, they no longer need to live with indoor mold and associated health problems. This earth-friendly technology works to eliminate existing indoor mold and prevents it from coming back. And better yet, it does so without harming people, animals or the planet!
Gone are the days of bleach and water to get rid of mold – in actuality, bleach-based solutions don’t get rid of the problem. Bleach only removes the mold from the surface temporarily (like a quick or cosmetic fix), but mold will inevitably come back because bleach has only taken care of the surface mold and not what is at the root of the problem.
“Bleach is the traditional approach to mold problems, but it’s not a healthy or effective way of eliminating mold and preventing its re-growth,” explains Eric Green, Mold Expert and President of Siamons International, makers of Concrobium Mold Control. “Bleach and water is a temporary topical solution. Below the surface, mold roots remain viable, which is why mold always grows back after a bleach treatment.”
Breathe Easier
Concrobium Mold Control is an EPA-registered solution that eliminates and prevents mold. The patented product contains no bleach, ammonia or VOCs, and is effective on hard surfaces and fabrics. Concrobium Mold Control can be used for spot mold clean-up or fogged to treat large or inaccessible areas such as basements, attics and wall cavities.
By using Concrobium Mold Control and taking steps to manage indoor humidity levels, homeowners can avoid the health effects associated with indoor mold growth, which include cold-like symptoms, nasal stuffiness, wheezing and more serious respiratory ailments such as sinusitis and asthma attacks. Most affected are infants, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.
About Concrobium Mold Control®
Concrobium Mold Control, from Siamons International, contains no bleach or other harmful chemicals, making it a safe, effective solution for users and for the environment. Concrobium Mold Control is used for mold remediation and prevention by homeowners as well as mold remediators, cleaning professionals and builders. The product is available across the country at The Home Depot® and Lowe®’s as well as participating hardware stores. Please visit for more information.


Lauren Traub Teton said...

Sounds great. I wish the article metioned how it DOES work. Is it enzymes?

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