Monday, October 19, 2009

Expert Dating Tips For Single Suburban Girls

Suburban single women have a totally different dating situation than their metro urban dwelling sisters. In the cities, there are often cute little chic cafes every few blocks, and each neighborhood has a totally different feel and identity. When you live in the suburbs, it can feel like you are alone in your house or condo and don’t have a lot of interaction with anyone who isn’t one of your 5 neighbors or the department at work. So what is a suburban single girl to do

1 Be real. Take a real look at your lifestyle. Are you meeting a lot of great eligible single men and going on great dates leading to a relationship with your current lifestyle, habits, and pursuits? If your answer is no, or not as much as you would like, then you need to take action steps to get different results.

2 Stretch Yourself. I will not suggest that you go pursue some activity you hate. That would be ridiculous and counterproductive. However, I do want to stretch yourself and try new things. However, the new things I want you to try out must meet specific criteria, so you are not just busy with pointless activities willy-nilly, still without the results you want 6 months later. Identify a variety of events to attend that are about 60-90 minutes in length. You don’t need to sign up for a 13 week class at the community college to do this. Any workshop or event you attend, you want ones which you will enjoy and which will enrich your life as well with the people you meet and the topic presented. You want to attend events which last long enough that you connect with others, yet you only have the opportunity to connect briefly. If he wants to talk with you further, he will have to ask for your phone number and ask you on a date.

3 Flirt and Interact Do be sure to interact with a number of men at any of the events you attend. Scotch tastings, business, and technology networking events often have a high male turn out. You want to flirt lightly and talk with the men at any event you attend, yet only for about 10 minutes. Then you simply must move on, there are so many people here. This gives you two a chance to flirt and connect, and yet if he is attracted to you and thinking about asking you for your phone number, he has to do so within a short period of time. It’s an event. This is not actually a first date. He has to get your phone number from you and phone you later to win that privilege.
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