Sunday, October 4, 2009

Meat Packing District

This weeks theme has been The Meat Packing district in NYC. Our friends Peter and Susan were coming into NY for a fall frolic. They live in Florida where it is still a steamy 90 degrees during the day and a chilly 70 degrees in the night. Truth be told, I rarely get to the city for dinner because my husband, really is just not that interested. I, on the other hand, love the city for many reasons. It's lively, the people watching is great, the food creative, the shopping is fantastic, there is always something to do or see. If it were up to me, and it's not, we would be going to the city, at least once a month. I would go more but like I said my husband is just not that into it. Over the years I have learned, if Edmund (my hubby) isn't happy nobody is going to be happy(especially me).
So now I have to figure out a restaurant and a spot for drinks where my husband and guest will all be happy, plus I need to make it a great time so that Ed will want to go back to the city again .
Back in my 20's when I was living in Manhattan, I was the go to girl . I always knew
the latest and greatest of where to go. Me and my posse were always at the newest and coolest of places. I have been stuck in the burbs now for over 20years and lets face it I just haven't kept up.
I asked around. I asked Melissa from she raved about the Standard Grill. She claimed they had the best vibe going in NY at this moment. The only problem with that is our friends were staying there and were dining there on Friday night. In the end they never went there. Standard Grill is so hot right now they could only get a 7pm reservation and that just wasn't working in the city that doesn't sleep.

I asked Simone Grant from Sex,Lies and , she isn't a big fan of the Meat Packing District. She did a actually did a post on the meatpacking district on my tumblr a couple of weeks ago
She admitteded she wasn't the best person to ask. If I were going to be in the 'hood and wanted to stay there the only 2 places I'd go would be Pastis and The Standard Grill - although I don't know what the Standard is like now that it's colder.
A little north of there is one of my favorite restaurants, Cookshop. Trendy, fabulous and amazing food. If your husband is into food, I'd take him there.

My girlfriend Randee raved about Del Posto. She knows my husband fairly well and thought that the food was fantastic and that Ed would be happy there. Spacious tables and not to crazy. I'll save the craziness for a future girls night out.
Other honorable mentions abound were Bagatelle, and Spice Market.
Finally, the big night arrives. I have arranged car service to and from the city. I am wearing shoes I think can walk in for the night. Next time a need to wear a wedge. My heels kept getting caught in the cobble stones.

We started at the rooftop bar and The Hotel Gansevoort. The views are spectacular. Although it was little early in the evening and not to crowded so I couldn't really tell if it was as cool as it use to be. We quickly moved on to our next spot, the bar at Craftsteak, but not before checking out Pastis, Bagatelle, and Spice Market. Upon arriving at Craftsteak, the was a seat to be had so we crossed the street and entered Morimoto for some wasabi inspired martinis.

Well, it appears my husband is a country bumpkin. I am still a city girl. Let's just say the next time I go to the Meat Packing District I will be with a bevy of beauties.

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