Monday, October 12, 2009

That's Not My Name

My husband Ed's emails come through on my blackberry. So, basically I read all his emails. He allows this so I can keep up with alerts on his stock portfolio.Anyway,his friend Leslie from Montreal was coming to visit .

There were numerous emails back and forth between them about Ed's lovely and charming wife Tracy. Such a comment would usually send my suspicious mind into a tizzy wondering if my husband has gone "Big Love" on me. Perhaps he has a desire for more than one woman? No, he doesn't want an additional Visa bill like mine or the estrogen swings.

Back to Leslie-- he obviously does not know my name. The man has known me for over 20 years. He was at our wedding, our son's Bar Mitzvah, and has stayed in our home several times. It is really not a big mistake. Tracy/Stacy... it's easy to mix up.

I mentioned it to my husband. He said not to say anything, but then again, his father called me Tracy for about 3 years. I told my girlfriend Gayle, about the Tracy thing. She thought that maybe he had a speech impediment and couldn't produce the sibilant "s". After a deep belly laugh, she suggested to work this new identity to my advantage.

Her suggestion was to tell Ed to call me Tracy all weekend.. it will be hot! I liked this idea. I started to imagine how I would begin to act with my new persona. I excitedly approached Ed, and said "Honey, how bout you call me Tracy this weekend?" He looked at me with the same excitement as he does when I ask him what show he wants to watch. Needless to say, my fantasy was squelched . He didn't call me Tracy or Stacy once all weekend.

We played golf at Montauk Downs, with our friend Paul and another gentlemen . Somewhere around the 6th hole the gentleman started to call me Tracy as well. I wonder why that song That's Not My Name is stuck in my head. That's not my name, that's not my name, that's not my name.

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mb714 said...

I Think i called You Traci when I first met you. AB