Friday, November 13, 2009

Carry An Entire Wardrobe in One Bag

Imagine-- fashion clothes that stow in their own pocket --making a soft packet no larger than your wallet. Perfect PouchWear is the perfect travel clothing for brides going on their honeymoon, active women on vacation or a business trip. Women can now pack an entire wardrobe in one carry-on bag.

little_pouch_lotus In the Clutch Bags, LLC owners Susan Simonson and Allison Marchese created and patented Perfect PouchWear, an entirely new line of stylish and stretchy active clothing ideal for travel, spa, resort, working out and a night out. The new line features a patented self-storing pocket stylishly sewn into each piece, allowing the clothing to fold down into a small, soft packet that easily pops into a purse, carry-on bag, pocket or briefcase. This exciting innovation offers a fun and lightweight wardrobe option for active women on the go. thumbs_short_tunic

Partners Susan and Allison set out to solve the question modern women ask themselves daily: How do I look good and wear something comfortable, when I’m always on the go? They searched for a way to pack light when going away for the weekend or from the spa back to work. The answer was to make fashion clothes in styles that are fun to wear but also in fabric that is durable, very lightweight and could fold small for easy travel. Perfect PouchWear was born.

The luxurious new Perfect PouchWear line includes: tank tops, t-shirts, palazzo pants, tunic and strapless dresses. All come in the company’s signature fashion fabrics made of amazingly soft and stretchy poly/lycra knit. Featured prints include pretty purple Buddha, fresh ocean blue, bright orange and black lotus, soft pink and green Tuscan Spring and sporty pink plaid and brown plaid. Pieces also come in classic black. Perfect PouchWear fitted yet figure-friendly and designed to drape to flatter women of all sizes. The entire line is machine washable, dries quickly, non- wrinkle and made in the USA.

The new clothing is complimented by matching Perfect Packs accessory drawstring backpacks made in the same silky and stretchy fabrics.

Perfect PouchWear and Packs are sold at and select boutiques. Buy one in every color to match your fashion taste, style and mood.


In the clutch is having a trunk show at the Saw Mill Club on Tuesday, November 17th.  Mention STACYKNOWS for a 10% discount.   Once again, it pays to know Stacy.

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