Saturday, November 14, 2009

Everyone Needs A Good Spanx

Bare Necessities

To look at my friend Laurie, who also has a blog Busy Busy Happy Happy you wouldn't think of her as an everyday Spanx wearer. A couple of weeks ago, I was trying on a dress in the locker room at the Saw Mill Club when my friend Elaine, who works at Michael Kors in Greenwich Ct. said it will look soooo much better with Spanx on. Of course, I wouldn't even consider Spanx what's that? Well if you looked like Amy, who doesn't have an ounce of fat, and never misses a beat or a step in even the hardest classes, you might say that too. For the rest of us, young and old alike basically a power panty. Think of it as a panty with a purpose. Sometimes, underwear not only need to be pretty, it needs to do a job.
Here is Laurie's story on Spanx. Don't forget to checkout her blog Busy Busy Happy Happy

Want in on my latest thiny thin thin secret? No it’s not vitalicioius fiber filled muffin tops in dark chocolate (mmmm, yum) or drinking green tea for breakfast, in fact, it’s nothing food….
It’s my obsession with wearing
Spanx and not just for special occasions. Wear them with your jeans, with your cargo pants, heck, wear them with whatever you are wearing that day and the day after that.
Yes, I admit, at first they feel a bit tight, kinda uncomfortable and I felt a bit awkward wearing shape-wear at the ripe age of 30, ahem 40. But the truth is that they just look good—which makes them feel good.
Now for the down and dirty —Spanx
help you pull your jeans up quickly, and make you stop and think about eating your kids’ leftovers… after all, the stretch doesn’t stretch all that much (which is a good thing,) so you tend to notice that you are full faster than you would have been without them.
A long time fave of good ol’ Oprah, it is being talked about on the Red Carpet by every celebrity and found in most every suburban woman’s closet...Spanx
aren’t just for nighttime anymore.
My favorite, you ask? The Higher Power. For $36, they flatten your tummy, pull in your thighs and up your butt. All good things in this 30, ahem 40-year-old suburban mama’s book.


Kittie Howard said...

Spanix works...have finally gotten used to that tight feeling and don't feel them like before...and that tummy is history...thanks for sharing....

Katrina said...

Spanx totally work and I agree with Kittie that you get used to the tight feeling, and don't mind it at all when you get into the habit of wearing Spanx regularly. There's even something comfortable about the tight feeling, if that makes any sense. And there's definitely something comfortable about looking so good.