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Running vs Walking

208_home-clinton Who is more fit, the runner or the walker? Ralf Hennig, Bedford resident, trainer to celebs , and President Bill Clinton explains the difference.  Want more from Ralf, Checkout his website

I am a Runner, but to stay healthy and fit for most lifestyles one does not need to run at all.
Actually a person can maintain great health without any high impact training.
Additionally, we live in a culture and in a society where most of us do not need to run ) to stay healthy and fit ( unless we participate in running activities or sports).
Running is only good for your body if the runner has good form and technique posture & symmetry.
Running “Bad” or “Wrong” can cause injuries to the back, hip, knees and ankles. Simply,  all the connecting body parts should be alignment properly.  Good posture is essential to limit wear and tear.
Then the impact will be better absorbed,  in the body and the joints.
So, if you are not a “Runner”, walk. All forms of moving will help you to get healthy and fit,   provided YOU move daily.
Any form of activity will challenge your cardiovascular and your muscular skeleton system. But, you are the one, who has to push the boundaries, because the less you do, physically the less you will be able to do.
Walking, is one of the best to get healthy and fit and to stay that way because you are moving your whole body and that will allow for most calories burned .
Walking will also strengthen your "carriers", your hips, legs and feet. Many of us  DO NOT exercise them enough to keep them strong and pain free. Bones also stay strong that way.
Walking is  low impact and for most of us does not cause trauma to the joints unlike running does.

Walking strengthens the muscles and joints in the lower extremities in particular when recovering from injuries like strains, sprains, broken bones or joint replacement surgery (hips or knees).
I can’t emphasize enough that we all must stay strong enough to be able to carry our own bodyweight to allow for independent moving based on our personal lifestyles.
Weight-less activities like swimming do feel good when you are in the pool but will not strengthen the muscles enough to allow for weight bearing activities. It feels good, loosens up stiff joints especially in warmer waters but often the discomfort or pain returns soon there after you have to manage gravity again(climbing out of the pool). 
There is a place for Water exercising.  It is used for pain management (arthritis) rehabilitation, and cross training, but wont be effective in keeping the joint and bones strong enough for earth moving.  
How to get healthier and fitter depends on your Baseline.
Improve slowly the time on the activity you enjoy best. Building up gradually will allow your body and mentally to get used to it so you can make it the new you. It will also avoid burn-out and injuries.     
Running versus Walking
Burning more calories running than walking yes if you are covering the same time, no if you are covering the same distance
If you covering the same distance the amount of calories you burn in running will not be significant because your run will take much less time and as soon you stop running the
Amount of calories burned will reduce significantly.
If you are covering the same time a runner will do more mileage
For example:
A 15 min a mile pace walker takes one hour (4 miles)
A 10 min. a mile pace jogger covers the same distance in 40min.
But if a jogger  covers the same time, he/she cover 6 miles and working harder during the same time moving.
Interval training is a great way to challenge the cardiovascular system no matter if you run or walk. It also makes the time go faster.
Simply walk or run in 3 minutes intervals either fast or slow enough to recover from the high intensity burst.
Any one should be able to cover 1 mile without stopping. 
The longer you can move, the more stamina you build. That in return, will show in your activity level and with that comes a healthy bodyweight because you burn off the food you consume. 
Stiffness or pain in joints will become less or disappear completely when you move daily for about 2 hours accumulated or at least 1 hour of non stop walking. 


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