Saturday, December 19, 2009

Five Reasons To Call Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions This Holiday Season

* Your first call to Joro might very well be your last one! Put her to work and put yourself ahead of your
friends on line for the NM Last Call event!

* An email to Joro is an invitation for you to , finally, be a guest at your own party! Let her be the point person and let yourself be the center of attention!

* 24/7 can be 25/7 ! Have her burn the midnight oil satisfying every single item on your punch list!
You can party until the sun comes up !

* A meeting to plan an event with Joro is good for your health! Her m.o. is fat free but never skimpy,
low carb but high quality and sugar free but in good taste. No black box warnings. With Joro, what you see is what you get!

* Joro is flexible . Give her full control or ask her to follow your lead! Experience a stress - free
holiday. Sleep in the next morning and eliminate the need to race to the gym , as the doors open, in order to decompress from the night before!

Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions (914) 419 - 2368   Jo Rosenfeld Major Occasions on FB

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