Friday, January 8, 2010

Reservations About Why We Make Reservations: Why do we run from our own dream homes?

jo_ro_logo Reservations About Why We Make Reservations: Why do we run from our own dream homes?
Kitchen couture with state of the art everything. Windows dressed top to bottom with as much care as are runway models. Paver stone pathways winding to front doors which scream "curbside appeal" to the passing cars. Wall to wall labors of love, our houses to homes, and STILL we race out, every chance we get, on Saturday night, to sit in the midst of a venue which is someone else's idea of decorating nirvana. Why? Why not live in the houses which we have transformed into homes?

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: Enjoy your home and share it with those with whom you enjoy spending a Saturday night (or any other night of the week)!

-Plan an intimate wine tasting for you, your significant other and another couple. Hire a wine expert to come into your den. Be treated to a once in a lifetime celebration. Valentine's Day beginning with a celebratory red and ending with a dessert port. Birthday bubblies over chilled and aged to perfection. The possibilities are endless and the budget is yours to determine.

- Host a spa night with the girls. Throw a party for your best friend's --th birthday . Coordinate a mother-daughter retreat. Call up your camp friends and invite them to sleep over 25 years later. Hire a make up artist, hair stylist, masseuse or Reiki instructor. Have your guests leave the leftovers behind and go home with custom keepsakes.

- Dinner and the movies in the home theater which you once designed. A montage for a milestone anniversary. Stay connected with your "clique" each month and bring in dinner 'n a great flick. Junk food optional.

- Invite your friends and family over for a birthday brunch. Hire a musician or vocalist to entertain the crowd with a handpicked play list . Capture the moments with the help of a low key, top notch photographer. Relive their youth and your own. Have a decor artist spruce up your home for the occasion and have the party aura linger after everyone has left.

2010 has arrived. The air is chilly. The economy is still a bit chilly. Let us do the legwork, turn up the heat and light a fire. You can dance in the privacy of your own dream home! or 

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