Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blonde Ambition Beads


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Samantha Brooke Wenig always had an “eye” for fashion and accessories, and is an unofficial stylist, closet organizer and eBay seller for many. In 2006, during her junior year of college, Samantha made herself some bracelets—beads with all different charms ranging from peace signs to Jewish stars. Everyone loved her designs, and were literally buying them off her wrist. When she came home that summer Blonde Ambition Beads began. Since then, several local shops (in Westchester) carried her bracelets and some as far away as Indiana and New Mexico! Samantha’s designs change by the season, and she can handle custom orders. She designs and makes all of her bracelets. BAB also created a special set of 12 bracelets for a charity fundraiser in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and designs custom bracelets for camp/bunk presents, Bat Mitzvah party favors, and Sweet 16 gifts. Her customers range in age from young girls to “women of certain age”.

They are fabulous in sets of 3 ($40) or individually ($15 each). They’ve been spotted on Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, The Kardashian Sisters (Khloe, Kimberly, and Kourtney), J-Wow from the MTV Series, The Jersey Shore and many more….

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Any orders after reading this article please send a message including “STACY” in the title and receive free shipping on ANY order!


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