Friday, February 5, 2010

Inexpensive Dating Ideas

Recession Busters

Inexpensive Dating Ideas

Who says dating has to break the bank. While a byob restaurant is always a great option, getting creative with non-traditional days/evenings out is a fun way to save money and try something new!
Historic Places/Buildings and Museums: It seems the only time people go looking at the historic landmarks near where they live is when visitors come from out of town. Many of these historic or culturally significant spots have no or small entrance fees and make a great place to go on a date. You also get to learn more about the area you live.
Memory Album: Take your camera or purchase an inexpensive disposable camera and make a day of taking photos together. Make a theme for the day if you want or just take any crazy photo that comes to mind. Once finished, get the photos 1 hour processed and create a memory album together for the day that will live on forever.

College Events: If you live near a college or university, utilize their resources for your dates. Guest lectures, music recitals, art exhibitions and plays are common and are often free of charge. The quality can be excellent and the variety enormous. Learn A New Skill: Spend a few hours teaching your loved one a new skill. It could be a card game, learning how to knit (yes, men can knit) or changing a tire (not everyone's favorite date idea, but an important skill for all to have!). Any skill you have always wanted to try can make a fun and interesting date.
Local Thrift Shop Date: Plan a date someplace where there are a lot of people. Before going, head down to the local thrift shop together. Once there, specify a small amount of money to purchase clothing or accessories for the other and both head off in different directions. The goal is to find items the other has to wear for the rest of the day/evening within the price specified. The entertainment is seeing the reaction from all the people who see your new outfit as you wander the crowded area.
Follow Them Date: As the two of you meet, you look around and pick somebody out on the street. The date is to follow that person where ever he or she goes. Once that person has stopped or you can no longer follow them, pick another person to follow. You're bound to have loads of laughs as you attempt to stay with your designated guide. (Please avoid any behavior resembling stalking.)
Scavenger Hunt Date: When your date arrives, have him or her make a list of what he or she considers to be 20 unusual items. Once the list is made, the date will be to try and find as many of those items as possible, indoors and out. (A flask with your favorite adult beverage makes this date fun even when it's 5 degrees)

Bag Of Dates: Put each of the dates I just mentioned, plus any others that you come up with, onto a separate little piece of paper and place them in a bag. When your date comes to the door, have him or her reach inside and choose one to be that's days date.
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