Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joro- After The Flowers Have Died


"After the flowers have died, all you have left are your pictures. "
For years, photographers and videographers have been educating their prospective clients on the importance of event image documentation. Pictures. Photographs. Video projects. Their position is black and white as guests return to their everyday lives and flowers fade away. In spite of its time limited nature, floral decor continues to stir up great interest. So, beyond the black and white exists a colorful argument for the fact that the images and video segments capture the beauty of decor with each and every viewing.
Hawaiian born flowers, feathers flown across time zones from Israel, embellished light fixtures growing from the ground up... the list of possibilities is endless.
So, choose a budget from which a unique and lasting memory can be created. The list of talents available to design and implement event florals and decor is a long one.
Let us help you to find yours quickly, leaving extra time to "stop and smell the roses!"
A final thought to share. One floral designer in Westchester shared a story of
how her creations actually went home with the hosts in a slightly different fashion.
The centerpieces were distributed in order to brighten their home for the week after the event. A stunning light fixture and votives found their way into an entrance way
to greet all guests to their home for years to come! Money well spent and much adored!
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