Sunday, April 11, 2010

Del Toro Shoes

You know you could rock these customizable shoes.  Velvet loafers, what a great idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s  Day, Graduation or any day.

Now thanks to 3 guys from Florida, the perfect velvet slippers are not only available, they're available in custom. From the velvet of the shoe, to the trim, to the embroidery on the toe, anything is possible. You can choose from an extensive list of ready-to-wear designs, from birds and boats to flags and farm animals, or you can upload any image through their website, and these guys will have it embroidered onto your shoe!

Customize your velvet loafers at 

delm toro Del Toro Shoes 
These unisex loafer-style shoes can be customized for the ultimate personalized gift. Del Toro shoes are comfortable, fashionable and can be made to fit your style with a personalized color selection, with the option of added embroidery, school emblems, custom designs or just a printless, classic loafer.

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