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REALRYDER BIKES: B East offers AMAZING indoor cycling classes on 44 RealRyder These bikes are as close to riding outdoors as you will get without actually being out on the road!  Not only are you getting the ultimate cardio workout, you are also getting a strength and resistance workout as well. Your entire upper body is getting as much a workout as your lower body.  The endorphin rush can't be matched!  You feel alive, cleansed and rejuvenated after every ride you take at B East.
TRX: Total Resistance Exercise. This exercise was invented a few years ago by US Navy Seals.  Using bands attached to the ceiling and your own body weight, you use your entire body for an incredible workout that you can't duplicate on any machine or with any other piece of equipment. 
TRX WITH PUNCHING BAGS: We have put our own "punch" in to an already exciting and challenging exercise.  Ed Cashin has come up with a class that will test your limits and strength.  He has combined the TRX bands with punching bags in to a workout that incorporates blasts of cardio along with power, strength, balance and flexibility to leave you exhausted and exhilarated.
BOOTCAMPS,  SPECIAL EVENTS & GUEST INSTRUCTORS @ the studio and @ the beach. Over the past 8 months, Kristi Molinaro, Lacey Stone and Nadia Zaki brought their talent to the Hamptons and to B East.  Kristi did a weekend of 30/60/90 on the beach.  Lacey spent the weekend kicking booty on Main Beach. In addition to being a guest instructor for cycle classes over the summer,  Nadia Zaki hosted Warrior Weekend at the B East studio last fall.  It was a mind blowing weekend of hour long cycle classes followed by Power Yoga, more cycling followed by even more Yoga. Tired, sweaty yet craving even more, everyone left on Sunday evening asking WHEN ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?  Gregg Cook is also a regular guest instructor at B East.  MB Regan was a full time instructor last summer at B East and they are looking forward to her guest appearances this summer.
VARIETY OF CLASSES AND INSTRUCTORS.  At B East you will find something for absolutely everyone.  There are advanced cycle classes that are frequented by those in training for one upcoming event or another. There are (FREE) introductory cycle classes twice a week for those that are new to indoor cycling on the RealRyder bike (or any bike for that matter!) and there are indoor cycling classes day and evening for everyone from the beginner to the world class athlete.  If cycling isn't your forte', B East offers a variety of group fitness classes such as Body Blast and Core, Pilates, Take it to the Mat and Booty Slide to name a few.  During the Spring & Summer months, the schedule doubles.
GETTING FIT AND GIVING BACK.  Although B East has been open for less than one year, the money raised at charity events is in the ballpark of $50,000.  B East opened on June 26th and by mid August had raised around $7,000. for the Wounded Warrior Project and well over $35,000 for the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation.  Another $7,000. was raised for local Jim MacWhinnie when he was injured in an accident last December.  A two hour ride is scheduled for mid June to benefit the Ellen Hermanson Foundation
LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT.  Yes, the endorphins rush you get at the end of your workout is great, the sense of accomplishment you get having pushed yourself through yet another challenging workout feels soooo good but when you set a goal for yourself and reach that goal....there is nothing that can match that feeling, that incredible buzz!   Elise Marmon started cycling at B East in October.  Presently, Elise has lost just over 50 pounds.  Was it easy?  Was it fun? Not always....  Was it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY, every single sweaty second of it!  Last week, Elise challenged herself to sign up for and complete three cycle classes in a row (that is 135 minutes by the way!) and she did it!! And then took a three mile walk on the beach.  For Elise, that first cycle class last fall began her journey to a whole new lifestyle.  Her new healthy self has opened her eyes and helped her to become the confident, happy, healthy person she was meant to be.  You can follow Elise and her journey to lose her last 20 pounds on B Easts' Facebook Wall!/pages/Amagansett-NY/B-East-Real-Ryder-Fitness-Studio/112397376978?ref=ts ; There are weekly updates with Elise's latest and greatest accomplishments.
So, if you haven't had the chance to "B East", don't you think it is about that time?   What are you waiting for?


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