Saturday, April 3, 2010

Delicious Cookies Ideas I’ll Take a Dozen Please

A dozen delicious and daring ways for JORO to show you what Spring 2010 cookies are good for! Ideas so fresh that you can taste them before they are baked!
1. Cookie candle lightings this bar/bar mitzvah. See how the old standard cupcake
holds up against this new and exciting concept ! Lighting a candle on a cookie burns calories!
2. Cookie place cards are a mouthwatering version of a paper ancestor. No trees
are downed in the process...only natural ingredients!
3. Cookie bouquets for the prima ballerina post recital. A personalized picture on the morsel says a thousand words. The cookie will keep the audience talking for years to come !
4. Cookie camp reunion or bunk gifts. Color, logo and color war over who eats the one extra!
5. Cookies custom designed with mom in mind this mother's day. Grandma, too...not to mention the kid(s) who gave you that status!
6. Cookies for the cause! Redefine a fund raising bake sale ...raise awareness and money !
7. Cookie business cards. An easy sell, in any market, for a realty open house !
8. Cookies go down easily for pre-prom carbo loading. Thinking girls don't eat? Think again, lol !
9. Cookies shorten the long list of teacher gifts at the end of the year. A perfect
mate for the stack of Starbucks gift cards they'll receive!
10. Cookies which make everyone ooh and aah at a bridal shower. Never duplicated. Never the wrong size or color. Never returned !
11. Cookies tucked into hotel guest bags to keep your out-of-towners smiling.
They can be doubly delicious as a "thank you" note for having made the long trip !
12. Cookie trading cards or s.r.o. tickets for a birthday party.
Your m.v.p. or teen idol has never looked so good !
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