Friday, April 2, 2010

Huge Lips Skinny Hips

  PURPLE LAB BRINGS DOUBLE DUTY BEAUTY TO HSN Purple Lab is a chic, fun line of products all about double duty beauty (for multi-tasking mavens). We mix cutting edge technology with playful sexiness! huge lips Karen Robinovitz, an acclaimed fashion and beauty journalist and author, first launched Purple Lab in May 2009 with her debut beauty product, Huge Lips Skinny Hips, a lip plumping gloss enriched with hoodia.

How it all started…She was at a fashion soiree with her husband, who runs the company with her, and stalking the waiters passing those beggar’s purses. Says Karen, “After twenty minutes, I was so full, I had to go home-not even my Herve Leger bandage dress could hold my belly in! I jokingly said to my husband, ‘If my lip gloss could plump my lips and not my hips, that would be my dream.’”

An idea was born. “My husband looked at me and said, ‘Do it!’ Make this product yourself,’” Karen recalls. Two weeks later, she found a chemist. A business was born! Huge Lips, Skinny Hips launched to rave reviews and less than one year later, Purple Lab hit HSN with a full collection that is constantly expanding.

lashionista New products include, Lashionista Modelista, a protein-packed mascara/felt tip liquid liner duo with lash conditioner; Silk Sheets, luxe foundation; Luvah, a compact with aphrodisiac-infused lip stain and gloss; Luxury Squared, highlighter and concealer; and Cheek Implants, cream blush with collagen.
“The DNA of Purple Lab is chic, innovative and fun - products with a sense of humor and double duty ingredients - perfect for the HSN customer who is focused on features and benefits. Being on HSN was the dream from day one - it’s the best way to communicate what your brand is about without the dilution of a retail floor. It will also be a new forum for Purple Lab fans,” says Robinovitz.

Of the launch, CEO of HSN, Inc. Mindy Grossman said, “We have had terrific success bringing unique, differentiated and proprietary beauty products to HSN - and we are thrilled to partner with Karen Robinovitz as she is the quintessential story teller who will bring her brand to life for our customers."  

Purple Lab will premiere again April 29th at 2am, 2pm, and 8pm and on April 30th at 10am and 3pm (all times EDT). Jessica Harlow, 20 from New York will accompany Robinovitz on air during Purple Lab’s April appearances, after winning a model search contest Purple Lab hosted earlier this year.

The entire collection is currently available online at  and

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