Monday, April 19, 2010

Please Return The Keys

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Yesterday morning, as I was leaving the house to workout, I noticed that my husband's  motor scooter was lying on its side. I just assumed the wind brought it down, or maybe he didn't put the kickstand down firmly enough. It's his scooter, not mine. Frankly, I was not that interested.

I checked my blackberry in between classess, (surprise surprise) to see what, if anything new had occurred in the past hour and there was a call from Ed, with a message. He usually doesn't leave a message unless its important. He said the scooter is down and he can't find the key. It really didn't sound important to me, but it seemed important to him. It was also a good excuse not to take yet another class.
I went straight home, thinking, I can find his key. I find his keys, wallet and other "important" items all the time. After 20 years of marriage I just know. Stacyknows.

I searched all the likely places, clothes worn, the garage floor, the nightstand, etc. No key! Then we realized the helmet was missing too. Someone, or a group of someones had come into my garage, and probably taken the scooter for a ride. Then they left with a few souvenirs. Although, I think I can replace the key by calling the dealer, the scooter and my husband have been through a lot these past to weeks.

The scooter had been out of commission and had to be taken to a service station in Thornwood, NY. We thought we would easily lift it up and put it in my car. It turns out this little scooter is heavy. Trust me... we tried. It was quite the comedy routine. After a few minutes, I say we need a ramp. Now you might not believe this but I don't own a "ramp". Nor do I want one. I tell him to wait for the gardener, he has a "ramp". My husband is not from the waiters. Trust me he has left without me several times when I was late.

We decide to use one of the leaves from my dining room table. Actually, it was a stroke of genius. We get that scooter in my car and make the trek to Thornwood. I don't have to tell you that the service garage was closed. I say ," you'll bring it Monday". We will change cars. After all, I don't want to drive around with that scooter in the back of the car. Monday comes, back to Thornwood he goes. The place is closed on Mondays. The saga continues. Tuesday, finally they are open, he drops off the scooter and its fixed in about week.
He drives the scooter a total of once. Now he's got a fixed scooter, no helmet, no key...and my dining room table has tire treds across it.
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