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Real Housewife of NYC Jill Zarin says Social Media & Texting are Killing True Romance

In my interview with NYC Real Housewife Jill Zarin on her latest book “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” Jill says, “Email and texting is ruining true romance.” Jill touches on the important role social media is playing in the dating world and proposes a “no phone” rule. Read my full interview here!

In “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” Jill Zarin wants to know: Why are you not dating anyone yet? Have you asked everyone you know to set you up with someone? Have you gone online? What are you waiting for?
In our exclusive interview, Jill Zarin shares her top tips from her new book “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” on how to navigate the dating scene, find true love and build a life filled with happiness and success.
Kris: What is your advice for women looking for love? 
Jill: Ask everybody in the world you know and tell them you’re single and you’re looking! The man of your dreams won’t fall in your lap; you have to find him! Once you leave the college environment of socializing, you are likely to meet someone at work.  Online dating is another great way to meet someone, and we actually talk about JDate in the book.  You need to be safe about Internet dating- do a credit check or security check on your date to make sure they aren’t pretending to be someone else.
Kris: What are your top tips for singles?
Never leave a stone unturned
Like a good sales girl, never leave a cold lead. If somebody says, “I have a guy for you,” you have to go on every single fix up you get. You are not allowed to say no- even if you don’t like him, you may like his friend.
Get out of your house
You won’t meet anyone sitting at home!
Dress for success
First impressions are the most important thing you’ll ever have in your life- whether it is meeting your in-laws or going to an important business meeting, always dress respectfully and always look your best.
Put away your devices
Email and texting is ruining true romance.  I have a rule- no talking on phones in the car or on a date. The worst way to start a relationship is by texting on a date- when someone’s Blackberry ® is sitting on the table every time you go to eat, you feel the table vibrating! No phones at the dinner table- put your Blackberry or iPhone ®in a vault when you go on a date! It is rude and disrespectful, and you will never get to know someone if you are more glued to your device.  I suggest turning off the phone before you walk into the restaurant.  If he refuses to put down the phone, then he shouldn’t be out on a date.  If the business call is more than a ten-minute call, then re-schedule for when he has time- you are not his secretary!
Kris: Do you believe in traditional courtship roles?
Jill: The man should plan everything in the beginning.  People shift roles in a relationship, but in the beginning, old fashion is always the best rule of thumb.  I will tell you, I once set up a friend of mine with a guy and he didn’t pick up the tab- I will never fix him up again- it was so rude and gross!
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vintagemom said...

My daughter is in a relationship with someone out of state. They meet for now several weekends a month. Texting is a very positive way for them to stay in touch and feel close. Jill Zarin is not the ultimate authority on all matters.