Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Try Bellizzi’s Blogger Salad

Bellizzi's New Blogger Salad to Honor Westchesters Top Bloggers

Blogger Salad
Westchester Bloggers can now tell their friends, family and co-workers that a salad has officially been named after them!
Check out our New Blogger Salad! Dedicated to bringing Westchesters top Bloggers together. We asked the Top Bloggers “If you could be any ingredient, what would you be?”

Our Ingredients Include:

Chris Cornell- Dried Cranberries @Cornell140
“My Wife makes a great salad and cranberries are the best part!” -Chris
Chris Roberts- Caramelized Onions @KatonahChris
“They are both sweet and savory, and onions have many layers.” -Chris
Heather Flournoy- Katonah Green Arugula @KatonahGreen

“My blog name plus my favorite green- representing a mix of greens!” -Heather
Anthony Colasacco- Regianno Cheese @PourMtKisco
“Because cheese gets better with age- like me!” -Anthony
Kris Ruby- Ruby Cherry Tomatoes @SparklingRuby

“Ruby Tomatoes Sparkle, just like a Sparkling Ruby!” – Kris
Dagmar Bleasdale- Red Bell Pepper @DagmarBleasdale

“Fiery and crunchy, and good for your heart — like me”- Dagmar
Stacy Geisinger- Slivered Almonds @StacyKnows
“Slivers of almonds jazz up a salad like StacyKnows makes all news valid”- Stacy

We created the Blogger salad in hopes of bringing Westchesters top bloggers together and creating a further sense of community.  The goal was to bring many of these virtual relationships taking place online “offline” at Bellizzi and create a hub for bloggers to connect. Through our “Blogger” salad and 13 other new “Spa Vento” salads along with our Brooklyn Pizza and delicious food, we hope that Westchesters top bloggers will come to Bellizzi to connect face-to-face.
I have been running Bellizzi for over 19 years in Mt. Kisco NY and only recently have I delved into the world of Social Media.  My first experience with social media was with Adam Stone, Editor at The Examiner- when he encouraged me to attend the Westchester 140 Tweetup at Jacob Burns.  Since then, I have been tweeting, posting and have now entered the world of blogging. It is amazing to be immersed with all of the pizza bloggers, foodie lovers and to join in the #foodie #pizza conversations! Our Blogger salad will hopefully encourage other Westchester business owners to enter into the world of social media and join our diverse community of tweeters and bloggers.  Congratulations to the top 7 bloggers in Westchester we chose to name the salad after as well as everyone else who applied.

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Dagmar said...

How cool is this, huh? :)

Hope to run into you again soon.

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