Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transform Your Bathroom

Susan Marocco Interior Designer

by Susan Marocco,

Longing for a place to
escape, relax and rejuvenate?

Here are 5 Steps that you
can take to transform your bathroom into a refuge.

1. Fireplaces
Don't underestimate the hypnotic power of a fireplace. There are a
variety of fireplace option to choose from that once installed allow
you to experience the serenity of fire without the need of a flue,
chimney, fake logs, soot or ashes. Just enjoy the flames!

2. Towel Warmers

Wrap yourself up in a toasty heated towel. Options to choose from
include the more common heated towel bars or towel drawers. Both offer
a way to keep your towels heated and warm - the same way you will find
them in luxury spas.

towel warmer

3. Bring in the TVs!

Installing an LCD TV in your bathroom can help you relax as you soak in
the Jacuzzi. Specially made for the bathroom, these TV's look like a
mirror until you turn them on. Catch the latest news as
you get ready in the morning.

LCD tv in mirror

4. Warm Floors

Do you hate walking on the cold bathroom floor in the winter? Treat
your toes to the warmth of radiant-heated floors. Replace old radiators
with a heating system in the bathroom floor. No more will you get a
shock when you step out of the shower, instead you will find yourself
able to keep in a state of relaxation.

radiant floor

5. Invigorate yourself

Wall jets installed in your shower can give you a full body massage,
with many options for soft or pulsating spray that can give you an
invigorating shower and a massage. Don't just shower, relax, release
the tensions of the day and make your daily shower a treat for your
body and mind.


These five steps can help you on the path to a beautiful refuge in your bath. Look at your bathroom as a place you can renew and rejuvenate yourself everyday when you have some, or all, of these added features installed.

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