Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nostalgic Gems: Lydia Marcos; Jewelry Collection

  Jewelry designer Lydia Marcos brings us back to junior high crushes.
By Barbra Horowitz
Published on July 16, 2010
What happens when you take 90's iconic rock-n-roll woods, inlaid in chunky metals, and femme fatale it up in a women's collection of cuffs, rings, pendants and super-sized statement necklaces?
By our estimation, you get the next Hollywood stylist's obsession, courtesy jewelry designer Lydia Marcos. Think 70's British Voguebeach girl meets 80's Chanel power pearls in overdrive.
As a stylist, my very first look at Marcos’ oversized large hearts on crushed pearls, prayer-inspired wood beads and red-hot heart rings brought me right back to oversized doodles of love gone sour from my 5th-grade yearbook. On a summer styling trip to see New York clients last month, it hit me that Marcos’ pieces were the perfect charms for NYC’s single girl when she’s out looking for love in the urban jungle. If you want more love, wear it.
By my second viewing of Marcos’ collection, Be still my copper heartwas all I could think of. Huge copper hearts with emerald green and indigo blue, wood hearts on ash and birch-bleached chocolate and jet beads — I could easily style these super statement necklaces and rings with otherwise drab corporate attire. Going to the Hampton's? Pair two silver rings on either middle or ring finger and watch your wonder powers activate. I knew the same sha-bang would go down with my L.A. clients as well.

FOREVER YOURS A statement necklace of affection by Lydia Marcos.
Just like my own first reaction, every client with whom I have worked has had the same initial hesitation: Hearts and flowers? That’s not me, Barbra. And yet at the end of the day, every single one of them purchased an oversized heart pendant. Wear it proudly around your neck or pointer finger and let love find you. Or at least look cool waiting for it.

GLOBAL BAUBLES A bracelet from Marcos' collection.
Lydia Marcos' collection can be found in L.A. at Church, 7277 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, 323-876-8887.
Hollywood stylist Barbra Horowitz is the author of Closet Control: The Ultimate Guide to Revitalizing Your Wardrobe and Revolutionizing the Way You Store It (Sterling Press) and Special Correspondent for vogue.co.uk. For more of her articles, visit barbrahorowitz.com

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