Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thornwood Self Storage

 thornwood The demand for eco-friendly businesses is growing rapidly on a daily basis.  Thornwood Self Storage Facility is fully committed to using green principles in all aspects of its business.  A "green" approach makes sense for there customers, employees and the community.
Some of the green concepts incorporated into there business are:
-State of the art rooftop solar panel providing a limitless and sustainable poower source
-Energy efficient heating and cooling systems used to minimize energy requirements
-Motion censored lighting system reducing energy usage
-All packing materials are recyclable and/or biodegradable
-All cleaning supplies are environmentally friendly
In addition to offering an eco-friendly environment, Thornwood Self Storage Center offers high tech security in a state of the art climate control facility.  They offer various unit sizes and boost an ideal location easily accessible from most highways.  With consideration to the present economy, they are competitive priced with various promotions offering additional savings.
They can be contact at 914 769-6960
950 Broadway, Thornwood, NY  10594

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