Wednesday, October 20, 2010

See Flip Date

Visit Today!There’s a new trend in dating and it’s taking the internet (and the world) by storm. FlipMe Dating has released dating cards that allow users to experience the best of online and offline dating.
FlipMe cards are sleek and sexy, featuring flirty sayings such as “Do you know any pick up lines? Neither do I” or “I saw you seeing me”. The cards are roughly the size of a business card so they are convenient to carry with you where ever you go. When you see someone you like, simply slip them a card and then that person uses the code printed on the “flip” side of the card to contact you through the FlipMe website’s exclusive messaging center. The cards allow you to keep your personal information PERSONAL while not cutting yourself off from making new connections.
Flip Me! the Newest Way to Date! eliminates the misleading profiles of online dating and the potential hazards of traditional dating and allows users to experience the best of both worlds. The cards are a great new trend that will help singles everywhere get up from their computers and get back out on the town. The chances that you will meet someone when you are relaxed and comfortable are a lot greater, and FlipMe cards help to remove some of the stress from dating. You no longer need to be concerned with whether the person you think you are talking to is who he says he is or if you are giving your phone number to a potential creep.
FlipMe Cards retail for $24.99 for a set of 30 cards and a 3 month subscription to the FlipMe website. The website is free to use for people who have received a card. After 3 months, a renewal subscription can be purchased for $14.95. When compared to traditional online dating sites which charge anywhere from $30-$60 a month, FlipMe is a real bargain! The cards come in a great, fun package which also makes them perfect for a gift for a single friend. Check them out online at Flip Me! the Newest Way to Date!  

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