Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tips For Family Weekend At College

Ideas and Tips for Entertaining Parents and Relatives on Campus

I am getting  ready to embark on Parents Weekend –Sophomore year.  This means I need to learn from my mistakes  freshman year. Not that I made any.  I just want this year to be even better.

Tip #1-Make it about the student. (Last year my husbands luggage was stolen off the carousel.  Lets just say it wasn’t a good thing).
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Tip#2- Make reservations.  Have them invite a friend. Not everyone’s parents will come for the weekend. There is always room for one more at my table.

Tip #3 –Remind your sleepy children that you are only there for a few days, if they want there  precious evenings   free , they need to get up early and spend some quality time with you.

Tip #4-Plan Plan Plan- Get tickets for the football game in advance. Seek out local attractions. Plan a hike or at least a stroll.

Tip#5- Be prepared for some shopping.- All students need something. Whether its clothing, food, or other supplies, college students always need something. Just remember this is part of the plan.

Tip#6- Ask to meet their friends.  You can learn more about your child and there college experience by meeting there friends more than anything else.

While college family weekend might be a stressful event for students, students can plan ahead and organize activities to cope with the stress and ensure a fun time.

What ever you decide to do, please don't spend the time you have with your children arguing about how little time you have together. Enjoy the few precious moments. More is not necessarily better.

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