Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ten Ways to Rock The Holiday Season

 sexy holidays The holidays are such a delicious time of the year. The best part is giving and receiving. Women tend to give and give and give, but are you giving to yourself? For a nice change, this season direct some of that giving spirit back on yourself so that you can experience all that is luscious this time of year and beyond.

Here are ten ways to rock it this holiday season:

1) Go dancing out on the town- Going out to dance is such a hot way to get your groove on. You whole body gets involved and it is such a great way to flirt and feel sexy. Gather a few friends and make it a girl’s night out to dance 'til the crack of dawn. The rhythm is gonna get you.

2) Ask a guy out- So you are into someone and you think he is into you, but for some reason he hasn't asked you out. Tis the season to take the initiative! You can ask him out and stop wasting time wondering if he's into you or not. Don't think about it, just do it. Carpe diem.

3) Take a trip to a new destination- Have you been saying that you want to do someplace on a vacation, but you simply keep putting it off? Go online or go to the library and get books all about the vacation of your dreams. Before you know it you will have your bags packed, you will be on your way. It is a great way to ring in the New Year.
4) Wear something sexy- Step out of your comfort zone and wear something a little sexier than you have before. Maybe it's a new pair of stilettos or a shorter shirt. You can even go to Victoria Secret's or offers Hot Designer Clothing worn by Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton. Celebrity Style is just a Click away!and get something risqué to wear underneath your clothes. It will give you a gleam in your eye. You go girl!
5) Get Your Flirt On- Flirting is absolutely fun and it sure to get you noticed. Flirting is also good for keeping you feeling sexy and sassy. So wink at a cute guy or add a little cache to your walk. Every woman has the power to flirt, dig deep and let your self go.
6) Smile- Remember to smile! A smile on your face will be like magic. When you smile you will be relaxed, glowing, and showing everyone that you are open. Pay attention to how people respond to you when you have a smile on your face. People will not be able to get enough of you.

7) Keep your head up and heart open- Being open and in the moment is a fabulous way to be open to new opportunities. It means that you can go with the flow with where ever your journey takes you. When your head is up you see things that open your world up. When your heart is open everything and anything is possible. Remember to say YES and the magic in life will unfold.

8) Take a class to learn something new- Take class on a subject you have been curious about. Do you have the desire to learn to cook, or you feel like you can be the next Picasso or the hottest new burlesque dancer in the city? There is a class for everything and anything waiting for you to discover, so sign yourself up.
9) Eat right and feel dynamite- It is hard to put the fork with so many holidays being back to back. What you eat effects how you feel. Remember to balance all the junk with food with healthy foods. Try eating lighter the day before and after the holiday. If you are you feel the holiday blues going to the gym will do wonders for releasing endorphins, which will leave you feeling elated.
10) Be True to YOU! - Above all else be true to you. Stay in tune with what you are feeling and with your desires. Follow your own bliss. When you "do you" you groove it turned on and cannot be denied. You will the passionate alluring woman that you are meant to be!

This post was written by Yolanda Shoshana ("Shoshi") -A multi-platform media personality: courtesan coach™, lifestyle guru, wedding officiant, columnist, television/radio host and speaker known as the "Luscious Lifestyle Diva".

Her talents and expertise span in a wide range of specialties in the lifestyle category where she started a company for women which she calls a " lifestyle philosophy" that brings back the virtues of the courtesans while swirling sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality. Shoshi also is the creatrix of an oil based perfume line, Modern Courtesan by YS. 
She is a frequent commentator and is a much-requested guest on television and radio, including appearances on NBC, BBC, ABC, Food Network, among

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