Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Its Just a Mouseclick or Phone Call Away

 Here's the scoop on local catering and restaurant Thanksgiving menus.

By Amy Baker  
Ah, the Thanksgiving meal... pleasurable in that we spend time with loved ones feasting in style, yet an event which is often angst-producing for the cook as they spend most of the day at the stove.
Some families are blessed with many good cooks and all work to create a memorable day.  But many others don't have that option—or even the inclination— to spend the entire day in the kitchen.
In spite of these issues, it is possible to serve a Thanksgiving dinner which will please everyone, and give you time to relax.  Include some of the family favorites, plus add some new epicurean items to please the foodies.
Amy Baker has compiled a list below of the Bedford, Mt Kisco and Chappaqua-area Thanksgiving offerings.

Get the details here on The Bedford Katonah Patch

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