Monday, January 24, 2011

These Gorgeous Cakes Won't Make You Fat

Laddie Cakes LLC
is a faux decorative cake company created by Ladd Mengel, a graduate of both the Rudolf Schaeffer Art School and The French Pastry School in Chicago. By combining her artistic talents with her understanding of cakes, she is able to create eye-catching decorative cakes that can be used for all occasions. Her cakes can be made to order and shipped within days. Her artistic versatility leaves no idea out of reach and the cake design is truly up to the consumer.

They can also be used as gifts, centerpiece,  or simply to brighten a room.  Fake cakes have been showing up at weddings everywhere.  She will take any type of custom order as well.

Give Ladd a call 847-784-9180 or send her an email

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Online Bakery said...

these cakes didn't look like fake at all.. very impressive designs.cakes on line