Saturday, February 19, 2011

Go Shopping With Barbra

Barbra Horowitz is my friend who is called Hollywood's Personal stylist by People magazine, Barbra Horowitz has been dressing men and women of all size's, age's and income's since 2004. Looking to go down a size or two? Want to create your biggest career success while finding the love of your life? What if you've got it all? Sometimes the biggest connection is the one you make within your own sense of style. Knowing when to buy/how to wear and when to sell has Horowitz's clients spending less, wearing more and looking completely ageless. Want some of that?
Barbra is the author of Closet Control-Sterling Press, a fashion writer and on air personality. Barbra's work has been featured in British, People magazine and People Stylewatch, In Style, Style Section LA, The Los Angeles Times, Daily Candy and a whole lot more.



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