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The Soap and Paper Factory Show Stacyknows Love

Verbena candle-thumbI love things that are pretty.   I love things that smell good.  I love soap and paper factory,  and apparently the feeling is mutual.

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We Confess to StacyKnows about our Social Media Skills

An Open Letter to Stacy of StacyKnows

Dear Stacy:

Please, do not be alarmed when you receive a sweet-smelling, anonymous package. 
We have sent you two of our favorite lavender products: our lavender shea butter soap, and our lavender solid perfume. However, our efficient shipper (some prefer the term "houseboy") sent the package before I could insert a note!

If I go by what Linda "Li" Evans writes in "Social Media Marketing", her very helpful best-selling book, I'm doing everything wrong so far.

1) She says Stacy ("the blogger") doesn't want my love.

NOTE: I began reading her book too late. I'd already sent you a message or tweet saying how much we (Soap & Paper Factory) love your blog, StacyKnows.

The fact is, we found you by coincidence, or by FATE, rather. Just before Valentine's Day we were asked to take over one of the display windows at Oasis Day Spa (in NYC). After we started on the window, I wanted to post something special aboutOasis on our newly created blog, Never Shower Alone. That's when I found your post about the Oasis Day Spa VaJazzle! It was SO up our alley, and it kept our studio jazzed for days! Who doesn't want LOVE?! Strike ONE for me.

2) Ms. Evans then stresses the importance of establishing an engaging relationship with bloggers first, then sending swag later. Otherwise, it looks like, "Hey, check us out!" and "Write about our stuff!"

NOTE: I thought the gesture of a gift was just something we do because we can! It is not every day that we find people we want to shower gifts with, after all! And when that person quite obviously has good taste, AND a sense of humor, there's no need to sit back and pass her by. (Your "Who's Your Daddy" post for the Identigene DNA kitcould've been the missing link to our Father's Day 2010 promotional party by the same name.) Strike TWO for me.

3) Ms. Evans also says to always "Give Link Love." Ah! Well, at least I got that one right! (And I don't just mean in this post, but in a variety of previous tweets/@mentions/FB posts related to StacyKnows.) Whew! I was starting to smell unemployment when I should be smelling lavender!

NOTE: I am not a ProBlogger by any means. (GASP!) Nor do I pretend to be. I am a late-bloomer who is just getting a grasp of the Do's and Don't of Social Media. One thing for certain, I love my job and the company I work for. I love researching and learning, and I'm probably way too curious and longwinded for my own good. But above all, I love to show LOVE! So if you receive a mysterious package from Soap & Paper Factory, with or without a note from Betty, it's because YOU ARE LOVED!

XOXO, Betty

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emi sam (emily samuels) said...

I'll take your handouts ANY ol' day! F.Y.I., I love your Midnight solid perfume and your Gardenia soap. And Gardenia candle! And...! xo

February 22, 2011 8:33 PM

just jerry said...

Well I'm guessing I need a blog to get some free booty. No pun intended, BETTY! But I sure do like the DEER candle, the one you keep saying is a STAG! Most links in one post ever!

February 22, 2011 11:20 PM

Stacy said...

My admiration was heart felt. Never expected so much attention for giving a compliment. I guess I need to compliment more often. Your products are truly a work of art. Thanks again for all the love

February 23, 2011 11:29 AM

Betty Soapmaker said...

Big gushing here on our part! Emi and Jerry, come visit and don't forget to use the secret handshake for your DISCOUNT!
And Stacy, thank YOU for the compliments...and for inspiring a blog post! Let us know when you receive your goods. And you should come visit, too! XO

February 23, 2011 9:43 PM

Christine said...

Even though I'm employed now (and wasn't when I came in begging for you to create a job for me!), I would GLADLY moonlight as your part-time social media guru. And I would honestly work for product instead of money. Just sayin'. ;)

February 23, 2011 10:01 PM



Lucky you--and luckier us! You

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