Monday, March 28, 2011

Henry Cuir Handbags The Must Have Look

Are you interested in the one-of-kind, must have look?  Look no further than at Lv2bfit, a  chic boutique in  Armonk.  Leave it to my stylish friend Patty Palmieri to find so many must have items.  No more schlepping to Barney's!!! Right now we have they have the exclusive Henry Cuir handbag line right here in Armonk, NY.  This is leather straight from Italy, buttery-soft and hand stitched.  Each bag is handmade at Henry Beguelin's shop with the master's golden hands and whimsical sense.  Known to name his bags after his family, you too will find these bags to be part of the family--treasured forever!
480 Main Street
Armonk, NY

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