Monday, March 28, 2011

The Promologist Offers Prom Tips

We all know that there can only be one Prom Queen!   But sometimes the world of tulle and taffeta is limited in choices.  Could you imagine seeing double at your Prom?  Your perfect Prom dress also being worn by your archenemies!  A Prom tragedy that could have been avoided if you did your homework!  As a self-proclaimed Promologist, I have sought out the best deals and shops to ensure that you will be the Belle of the Ball!

Think outside the box - or department store! Forever 21, is known for having the trendiest, yet inexpensive fashions.  All of their Spring-wear is out, and they have hundreds of dresses - under $50!  Don’t forget, short Prom dresses are in!  You do want to show off those amazing high heels, right?  Try Cache or Bebe for sexy short Prom dresses under $200.00.  Don’t be opposed to shopping online.  You can find fabulous Prom dresses  Include your wear date and school, and they won’t sell that dress to anyone else.  Most online Prom shops offer free shipping too.  Designers like my favorite out of NYC, Faviana, offers celebrity inspired red carpet styles.  But if you’re all about the label and need a Herve Leger, you must check out  Now on to heels, I love, which was started by Kim Kardashian.  Sexy heels, platform pumps for just $39.95!  Shoes are the perfect accessory, so don’t over do it with jewels.  Though, I love jewelry.  That might just be another blog post!

Let’s face it, Prom is the #1 social event that a high school student dreams about going to.  But often, and especially in this economy, going to the Prom may just be that - a dream.  I founded Operation PROM in 2005, a non-profit that gives free Prom dresses to less fortunate, sick, and disabled teen girls.  So, don’t think twice about donating your Prom dress after the Prom.  It’s a no brainer.  You will never wear that dress again (don’t try to convince your self otherwise either!) and you’ll feel great to know that you are helping out a teen in need.

Prom Tips by Noel D’Allacco -Self proclaimed Promologist, Noel D'Allacco, founded Operation PROM in 2005, now a recognized Not-for-Profit Charitable Organization. Operation PROM was established to help low-income students attend their proms by providing free prom dresses and tuxedo rentals. Noel holds a Master's of Science in Business Leadership from Mercy College. She is a native of Yonkers, New York, and it is there that she runs Operation PROM and  Noel also teaches part time in the Business Department at the College of Westchester in White Plains.

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