Monday, April 4, 2011

Fly Fleet Aviation Arrive In The Hamptons In Minutes

 When you are traveling for a fun getaway or an out-of-state business trip, the old adage “getting there is half the fun” is rarely true. You want to skip the traffic, the crowds, the lines, and the headaches of conventional travel and be relaxing at your destination as soon as possible.   Now you can. Fleet Aviation, a regional charter company headquartered at the Westchester County Airport, is on a mission to enable families and businesses to reclaim their time as their own by providing affordable on-demand flights.
Here are 7 smart reasons you should fly Fleet:
1. Never Miss a Moment

Your time is precious and, in many cases, priceless. Fleet eliminates the hassles of mainstream travel and allows you to stay connected to your routines while on the road by minimizing the time you spend traveling.  You can go from the office to an afternoon meeting in Pennsylvania and be back in time for your daughter’s soccer game.

2.Depart From Your Backyard
Fleet’s planes can access over 700 airports throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic, and can pick you up anywhere. You leave from closer to home and fly direct to your destination, minimizing ground transportation and eliminating stressful connections.

3. Skip the Rush Hour Traffic

The flexibility of flying private means you are no longer a slave to airline schedules or fearful of getting stuck in a sea of brake lights as you start your trip. Fleet flies completely on your schedule, and will even wait on the ground while you take care of business. You set the time, Fleet brings the plane.

4.Keep Your Shoes on and Your Computer in its Bag

No more TSA pat-downs and endless security lines. Arrive 5 minutes before departure, park in a private lot, and immediately board your flight. Fleet is regulated by the same standards as the major airlines, operates all new aircraft with the latest avionics, and their experienced pilots undergo rigorous training. You can be confident your personal safety is Fleet’s number one concern.

5.Lap Dogs and Great Danes Welcome
Fleet is pet-friendly and companions fly free. Your furry loved-one can even have his own seat.

6.Lead a Jet-Set Lifestyle at a Fraction of the Cost
Fleet flies the most modern and efficient aircraft for regional travel. When flying short-hops you arrive mere minutes after a jet would, at one-tenth the cost. That’s right: one-tenth! You pay by the plane, so the more friends you travel with, the cheaper it is per-person. For 3 people to travel to the Hamptons, it’s only $770 total – and 20 minutes!

7.Spend More Time With Your Friends and Family
No more missed birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events or sunset strolls on the beach. No more spending half of your weekend getaway staring at the bumper in front of you. Effortlessly balance work, family and fun by eliminating wasted hours and reclaiming control over your time.
For more information, check out Fleet’s website at Mention StacyKnows and receive 10% off your first flight with Fleet. Once you give it a try, you’ll never want to go back to mainstream travel.

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