Monday, June 21, 2010

Now I Know How To Prepare Soft Shell Crabs

One of my favorite foods is soft shell crabs. They are usually available from May through September. To me it is one of those foods best left for a restaurant to prepare. That being said, today I was buying salmon at Mt. Kisco Seafood to cook for dinner for my family(yes I do cook) and some of the other customers were buying soft shell crabs. Since I want to know everything I started polling the other patrons on there preparations. The response went from frying , sauteing, grilling,etc. I just had to know. I asked the owner Joe what he thought. I trust him, he owns The Fish Cellar also in Mt Kisco. These are the 2 methods he gave me.


Dip crabs in milk

Dredge in flour, salt and pepper

Saute in butter and olive oil

2 minutes on each side


Let marinate in melted butter

Grill on medium

2 minutes each side

I am going to try one of these tonight.

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